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(Examples from AMA CPT Standard Edition, 2004)

82 year old female requires monthly B12 injection for documented B12 deficiency.

50 year old male has uncomplicated facial sutures removed.

Patient lost prescription and needs a new one.

50 year old female needs her gold injection.

Dressing change needed for a patient with a skin biopsy.

20 year old patient receives an allergy vaccine and is observed for a reaction by the nurse.

45 year old male with CKD comes in for epogen shot.

Nine year old girl requires return to school release after being treated for impetigo.

Established patient needs return to work certificate after being treated for contact dermatitis.

Patient with diabetes wants to check his accu-check machine’s accuracy and function.

65 year old female with neprhostomy tube requires routine dressing change and peri-catheter skin care.

19 year old patient requires supervised drug screen.

12 year old patient requires cursory check of hematoma one day after venipuncture.

42 year old male returns to have tuberculin skin test read by the nurse.

14 year old patient needs a dressing change for a routine skin abrasion.

45 year old female comes in for a blood pressure check.

23 year old patient requires instruction on how to use a peak-flow meter.

35 year old schizophrenic patient needs refill on her medications one week prior to scheduled appointment

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