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Initial Hospital Care (99221-99223)

These codes are used to bill for initial hospital services otherwise known to physicians as H&Ps.  When you admit a patient to the hospital as in inpatient, these are the codes you will use.  There are several common documentation blunders that many physicians repeat over and over again for these visits. Take the web-course below to learn to avoid these pit-falls.
Level E/M Code History Physical Exam MDM Time
1 99221 Detailed Detailed Straightforward / Low 30
2 99222 Comprehensive Comprehensive Moderate 50
3 99223 Comprehensive Comprehensive High 70

All three key components are required

This topic is covered in more detail in of one of our web-based E/M coding courses.

Admission H&Ps

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Basic Course Preview
Step-by-step, learn how to perform and document the key components correctly for all three levels of care for admission H&Ps. You will also see how to avoid the most common catastrophic documentation errors for these visits.    
  For mutliple users, consider an E/M Compliance Web Portal.


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