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Level 2 Established Office Visit (99212)

This is the second lowest level of care for an established patient being seen in the office.  Internists used this code for 3.1% of these encounters in 2014.  Usually the presenting problems are self-limited or minor.  The Medicare allowable reimbursement for this code is $43.68 and it is worth 0.48 work RVUs.

Documentation requires TWO out of THREE of the following:

1)  Problem Focused History
2)  Problem Focused Exam
3)  Straightforward Medical Decision-Making 

Or 10 minutes spent face-to-face with the patient if coding based on time.  The appropriate documentation must be included.

Clinical Example

This topic is covered in detail in of one of our web-based E/M coding courses.

Established Office Patients

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These are the most common patient encounters on the planet, so it's important to code correctly for these visits. Knowing the difference between a level 3 and level 4 established office patient can make a huge difference in your remibursement and income.  
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