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Level 2 Hospital Progress Note (99232)

The 99232 represents the “middle” code for hospital progress notes.  Not surprisingly, this is the most popular level of care selected by internists who selected the 99232 level of care for 59.97% of these encounters in 2018.  The Medicare allowable reimbursement for this level of care is approximately $74 and it is worth 1.39 RVUs.  Usually the patient is responding inadequately to therapy or has developed a minor complication.

The documentation for this encounter requires TWO out of THREE of the following :

1)    Expanded Problem Focused History
2)    Expanded Problem Focused Exam
3)    Moderate Complexity Medical Decision-Making

Or 25 minutes spent face-to-face with the patient if coding based on time.  The appropriate documentation must be included.

Clinical Example

This topic is covered in much more detail in of one of our web-based E/M coding courses.

Hospital Progress Notes

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These are the most common hospital encounters. Most doctors over-document and under-code for these services. This course will show you how to avoid this trap and save time while increasing reimbursement.    
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