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Cathy Shelton
Director, Danville Physician Practices

The Basic Course
This is the "core curriculum" of our E/M coding series and teaches you everything you need to know about the key components of  history, physical exam and medical decision-making.  Using real life clinical examples, you will learn that it's not the quantity of documentatin that matters--it's the quality.

Run time: 57:47      CME/CEU credit: 1 hour

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Rational Physician Coding for E/M Services
This is program serves as an introduction to the concept of "Rational Physician Coding."  Learn how to quantify your medical decision-making to select the "correct" level of care.  Then learn how to perform and document the elements of history and/or exam in a purpose-driven manner to maintain compliance.

Run time: 52:55      CME/CEU credit: 1 hour

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Rational Physician Coding for Hospitalist E/M Services
Learn the principles of Rational Physician Coding and how to apply them to the most common inpatient encounters.  See how to calculate your medical decision-making first and then use this key component to select the highest ethical level of care every time for every patient.

Run time: 52:59      CME/CEU credit: 1 hour

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Rational Physician Coding for Hospital Progress Notes
How many key components are needed?  When is a detailed history not a detailed history and why is this okay?  This online learning module uses realistic clinical examples to answer these questions and more.  See why many physicians over-document and undercode for these encounters.

Run time: 35:10      CME/CEU credit: 1/2 hour

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Rational Physician Coding for E/M Consult Services
Did you know that outpatient consults pay 17% more than inpatient consults?  Or that you should use the outpatient consult codes for some consult services performed in the hospital?  Learn the tricks of the trade when it comes to performing and documenting consults in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. 

Run time: 50:52      CME/CEU credit: 45 minutes

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E/M Coding for H&Ps and Observation Services
This presentation takes you step-by-step through all levels of care for these services.  Using real-life clinical examples, you'll learn when to use the admission H&P codes vs. the observation codes.  Always select the "correct" level of care to avoid undercoding while maintaining compliance.

Run time: 39:45      CME/CEU credit: 45 minutes

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Critical Care and Other Timed Services
See what it takes to qualify for critical care and learn how to calculate the time spent.  See which procedures may be billed separately and which are bundled into the critical care codes.  This program also deals with coding for time-based E/M visits, prolonged services and discharge services. 

Run time: 21:58      CME/CEU credit: 1/2 hour

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Rational Physician Coding for E/M Services (VA-TX-OK-CO-NM)
Unfortunately, if you practice in one of these states, your Medicare carrier (TrailBlazer) uses a completely new set of rules to quantify the key component of medical decision-making.  This presentation will show you how to apply the principles of Rational Physician Coding using these new (and confusing) rules. 

Run time: 46:39      CME/CEU credit: 45 minutes

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The Hospitalist Course (VA-TX-OK-CO-NM)
This is the hospitalist version of our Rational Physician Coding presentation for providers in these states.  Learn how to quantify your medical decision-making using the new TrailBlazer rules and select the highest ethical level of care while maintaining documentation compliance.

Run time: 62:28      CME/CEU credit: 1 hour

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