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the Basic course


Preview: The Basic E/M Coding Course

The Basic Course
  • Author/Narrator: Peter R. Jensen, MD, CPC (Physician/Coder)
  • Format: Self-paced video tutorial (plays on any computer connected to the internet)
  • Run Time 68:17
  • CME: 1 hour of AMA Category 1 CME credit
  • 1 AAPC CEU

This video coding tutorial is the "core curriculum" of our E/M coding series and teaches you everything you need to know about the key components of history, physical exam and medical decision-making. Using real life clinical examples, you will learn that it's not the quantity of documentation that matters--it's the quality.

Course Outline

History: 1995 vs. 1997 E/M Guidelines

  • CC
  • HPI
  • Past Medical, Family and Social History
  • Review of Systems

Clinical Examples

  • Problem Focused History
  • Exapnded Problem Focused HIstory
  • Detailed History
  • Comprehensive History


Physical Exam: 1995 vs. 1997 E/M Guidelines

  • Organ Systems vs. Body Areas
  • Bullets
  • Specialty Exams (1997 guidelines)

Clinical Examples

  • Problem Focused Exam
  • Expanded Problem Focused Exam
  • Detailed Exam
  • Comprehensive Exam

Medical Decision-Making

  • Problem Points
  • Data Points
  • Risk

Clinical Examples

  • Straightforward Complexity
  • Low Complexity
  • Moderate Complexity
  • High Complexity

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