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Telehealth E/M Coding Update for the COVID-19 Pandemic

Medicare makes sweeping changes to the rules for Telehealth E/M Services

We have developed a brand new online E/M coding course explaining all the rule changes for telehealth E/M services during the current pandemic. This course has been included in all of our E/M coding curriculums at no additional cost.

Did you know that starting March 1, 2020?

  • The doctor and patient can communicate from any location, even their respective homes.
  • Telehealth E/M services can be used for ANY problem, NOT just COVID-19 issues.
  • Almost ANY type of E/M service can now be delivered via telehealth interface.
  • FaceTime, Skype and Zoom can now be used for telehealth E/M services.
  • The requirement for an existing relationship between the doctor and the patient has been waived.
  • Telehealth E/M services will be paid at the same rate as in-person E/M services.
  • The physician can waive the co-pay for telehealth E/M services.
  • A physician licensed in one state can provide telehealth E/M services to a patient located in any other state.
  • The rules for adding up time spent have been changed..
  • The rules for selecting the level of care and documentation requirements have changed.
  • History and physical exam will NOT affect code selection for telehealth E/M services.

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