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Physician-to-Physician E/M Coding Education for Multiple Users

If you have multiple providers who require access to our online E/M coding courses, the most cost-effective solution is an E/M compliance web portal. A web portal is simply a customized web page designed for your organization which comes pre-loaded with our online E/M coding courses. You can link this web portal from your current home page or send the link to providers via email. Providers get access by using a registration key assigned to your organization.

Features and Benefits

  • Get a discounted multi-user rate for your providers (100 user minimum)
  • Providers can earn CME from Yale University School of Medicine's Department of Continuing Medical Education
  • Track all user activity for your organization
  • Verify successful completion of online courses
  • Get detailed monthly reports
  • Providers can view all coding courses 24/7
  • Courses run in windows and iOS
  • Courses can be accessed from any computer or tablet connected to the internet

For more information, email Lisa Brown at lbrown@emuniversity.com or call 1-888-836-2633.


How it Works.

A One-Stop E/M Compliance Solution

  • Fee includes hosted web portal customized with your logo and contact information
  • Web portal comes pre-loaded with all of our online E/M coding courses
  • Includes access to all courses 24 hours a day, seven days a week for all providers and coders
  • Includes up to 43 hours of CME for each provider
  • Gives your compliance team a concrete way to correct individual documentation problems identified during the auditing process
  • Providers with specific documentation issues can be directed to the most relevant online courses for targeted corrective education

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