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6/22/11: A Hospital Progress Note in 94 Words

6/8/2011:A Very Concise 99214

5/26/2011: An H&P in 194 Words

4/19/2011: An Established Office Visit in 29 Words

4/12/2011: H&P Redux

3/31/11: Established Office Visit

3/17/2011: Catastrophic Key Component Failure

2/02/2011: An Outpatient Consult

1/27/11: A Very Brief Note

1/12/11: Hospital Progress Note for a Patient with Severe Shortness of Breath

1/6/11: The Shortest Level 5 Ever?

12/9/10: A Neuro "Consult"

11/17/10: Don't Do This...

11/03/10: 30 E/M Questions You Should Ask Your Medicare Carrier

10/26/10: Video Case: Three Common Mistakes

9/29/10: Video Case: Bad HTN

9/8/10: Video Case: The 1-Minute Progress Note

9/1/10: Video Case: 99215?

8/24/10: Video Case: Admission H&P for Severe HTN

8/18/10: Video Case: A Hospital Progress Note for ARF

8/11/10: Video Case: The Perils of a Poorly Documented Physical Exam

7/28/10: Video Case: A Patient in the ICU

7/22/10: Video Case: "Anxious about Avandia"

7/14/10: Video Case: Hospital Progress Note for a Patient with CHF

6/17/10: Video Case: Established Office Patient with Three Stable Problems

6/10/10: Video Case: SOAP Notes Don't Work

5/26/10: Video Case: Admission H&P

5/18/24: Video Case of the Week for a Hospital Progress Note

5/4/10: Video Case of the Week for an Established Office Patient

4/21/10: Use Templates to Decrease Transcription Costs

4/14/10: Can You Spot the $93 Mistake?

4/7/10: Frightening Observations

3/24/10: A "Bullet-Proof" Exam?

3/16/10: The Most Popular E/M Code on the Planet

3/10/10: Rate this Exam

3/2/10: A Quick Hospital Progress Note

02/24/10: Severe Proteinuria

02/1610: A "Consult" in the ER...

2/10/10: Some Docs Have to Work Harder...

2/3/10: Don't Over-Document your H&Ps

1/27/10: 99215: What it Takes

1/20/10: Worsening CHF in the hospital

1/12/10: New England Docs Take a Hit

1/5/10: Consults Bite the Dust

12/16/09: The Last Office Consult

12/02/09: Critical?

11/24/09: A Self-Auditing Template

11/18/09: Patient is Asleep

11/11/09: The 3 Minute Physical Exam

11/3/09: A Solid Block of Text

10/27/09 An Unresponsive Patient

10/20/09: CHF Exacerbation

10/13/09: Patient Not in Room

10/6/09: Again with the HTN?

9/29/09: Pre-Op Consult

9/15/09: A Consult for HTN

9/9/09: The Art of Signing Off

8/31/09: Admission H&P for Shortness of Breath

8/25/09: Stable HTN

8/18/09: Shortness of breath in the office

7/28/09: Worsening pancreatitis in the hospital

7/21/09: Blood Pressure is Not Controlled

7/14/09: A Stable Dialysis Patient

7/7/14: A Bad Sunburn

6/30/09: Established Office Patient with Worsening HTN

6/23/09: A "Routine" Hospital Progress Note

6/16/19: Is Over-Documentation Fraud?

6/9/09: Severe HTN in the Hospital

6/2/09: Is this a Valid Consult?

5/26/09: A Streamlined Admission H&P

5/19/09: An Office Visit in 10 Words or Less

5/12/09: Worsening Pulmonary Infiltrates

5/5/09: Why SOAP Notes Are Useless

4/28/09: The Shortest Progress Note Ever

4/21/09: An Office Visit for a CKD patient with HTN

4/14/09: An Outpatient Ortho Consult

4/7/09: Cardiology Hospital Progress Note

3/31/09: Back Pain in the Office

3/24/09: Outpatient Consult for Proteinuria

3/17/09: Stable HTN in the Hospital

3/10/09: An Intoxicated College Student

3/3/09: A Kid with an Earache in the Office

2/24/09: Did this Doctor Undercode for his H&P?

2/17/09: An Established Office Patient with Poorly Controlled HTN

2/10/09: An Exam from Across the Room

2/3/09: Progress Note for a Patient with New AFIB

1/27/09: Inpatient Consult for ARF

1/20/09: Resolving Hyperkalemia (Progress Note)

1/13/09: An Established Office Patient with HTN

1/6/09: Hyponatremia in the Hospital (Progress Note)

12/16/08: A Patient with Fever in the ER

12/09/08: More HPI Nuggets

12/02/08: EPF vs. Detailed Exam

11/26/08: Talking Turkey about the HPI

11/18/08: Prolonged Inpatient Services

11/11/08: Established Office Patient (99213)

11/4/08: Hospital Progress Note (99233)

10/28/08: Established Office Visit (99215)

10/21/08: New Office Patient; Can We Use a Questionnaire?

10/14/08: "Found Down"

10/7/08: Outpatient Urology Consult (99245?)

9/30/08: Established Office Patient (99215)

9/24/08: Hospital Progress Note (99233)

9/17/08: Hospital Consult for an Observation Patient

9/10/08: "Awaiting Placement.."

9/3/08: Critical Care, etc...

8/27/80: The Perils of Using the SOAP Note Format: What Could Have Been..(99231)

8/20/08: On Office Patient Asks about Her Cholesterol Medication (99213)

8/13/08: An ICU Patient with Respiratory Failure (99233)

7/23/08: A New Office Patient (99204)

7/16/08: An Established Office Patient (99214)

7/9/08: An Established Office Patient (99213)

7/2/08: A Hospital Consult (99253)

6/25/08: An Admission H&P (99223)

6/18/08: An Established Office Patient (99214)

6/10/08: A Hospital Progress Note (99232)

6/3/08: An Established Office Patient (99215)

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